Hi, my name is Bryan Smulders.
My imagination is as BIG as a mountain!

I plant my ideas and creations,
to make them right & ready for the world!

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Do you want to see what project
I'm working on right now? *twiddle*
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This is my "Meesterproef Realisatie",
I got a perfect score for this project
this is an interactive slideshow for TV sizes,
which I made for my internship(zoom to 50%)

This is my "Meesterproef Design",
Also got a perfect score for this one,
I designed an E-cooking class online, game-like.
though design isn't my best skill.

This is a prototype i developed for
a biology app for education purposes.
All made with jQuery and skill.

A school paper in WP, for posting purposes.
Printing was expensive, so it became digital.
made with a filter on "category's", for searching purpose
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I´m called by the name Bryan Smulders,
Studied the arts of interactive design
@ Sint Lucas in Eindhoven. I really enjoy making designs, but my development skills aren't bad either.

I've got some hobbies besides web-development,
I play some basketball in my free time, and I like to play some games.

I have a girlfriend, for over 4 years now. She's the one waving at you constantly.

Will anybody send me a message.
I'm getting lonely out here.

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Personal Info

Name: B.H Smulders (Bryan)
Address: Basstraat 69
Zip Code + Residence: 5702 SG, HELMOND
Telephone: 0492 - 554734
Mobile phone: 06 - 17769218

This is my girl, Eilish Janssen
Studies Horse Ranching, @ Citaverde Roermond.
You could say we aren't alike, but that doesn't mean i don't love her.

This is Eilish:

Bryan Smulders
Eilish Janssen